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Home Inspection:

● To be completed during the five-day attorney modification period
● The home inspection will be booked and confirmed through ShowingTime.
● Typically the inspector, buyer’s agent, and the buyer will attend the inspection.
● We advise that you not be present for the inspection
● The inspection can range from two hours to four hours, we will call and let you know when this is over.
● Your attorney will be sent any repair requests from the home inspection
● You and your attorney will discuss the results and determine what is agreeable and or acceptable.
● It is advised that you treat this like a showing appointment and have the home in top-notch presentation style.


Radon Test:

● Most buyers will want to test for radon.
● The radon inspector will also make the appointment for the drop-off and pick up of the test through ShowingTime.
● The radon test is a 48- hour test.
● Doors and windows should be shut 48 hours prior to the test. During the test, normal use of doors is acceptable.
● The buyer side is responsible for ordering the radon testing if needed.


Well & Septic Test:

● Ordered only if Paragraph 33 on the contact is initiated and the property is on well & septic.
● This is a seller expense.
● Our team will work with your attorney to order and get this test completed.


Wood Destroying Infestation Test:

● Ordered only if Paragraph 34 on the contract is initiated or this was negotiated during attorney review.
● This is a seller expense.
● Our team will work with your attorney to get this ordered and completed.


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