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Alex Bohanek- Broker




The Kohler Group is a multi-facet real estate team that covers every integral aspect of a real estate transaction. “Being able to witness the knowledge, integrity and capabilities of the team lead to my decision to join”. Given the opportunity to learn and assist Kari Kohler turned a passion for real estate into a desire to continually learn and grow within the industry. Being part of this team offers countless resources, exceptional marketing, and valuable teaching experiences on a daily basis. Hiring a Kohler Group agent isn’t just hiring your ordinary agent, but hiring a team of 10+ who are dedicated to the client’s success.


Alex Bohanek has lived in the Fox Valley for nearly all of his life. Since he can remember, he has always been intrigued by the great variety of homes in the surrounding area. Being in the Fox Valley for over two decades has allowed him to understand what makes each city unique. “The Fox Valley area is full of historical downtowns, combined with new construction builds and modern subdivisions. Making it such a diverse portfolio of interesting properties. This area is surrounded by an assortment of shopping boutiques, endless restaurants, with prairie lands and parks in every direction. It’s the perfect combination of urban meets rural and it fascinates me greatly!” Being a resident of St. Charles, he specializes in the surrounding areas of Geneva, Batavia, South Elgin, Elgin, Aurora, North Aurora, Naperville, and Sugar Grove. The list of cities doesn’t stop here though, as being part of the Kohler Group provides access to nationwide real estate markets. The Kohler Group services over 60 cities in the Chicagoland Area completing over 100 transactions per year. All while providing top-notch customer service and educating our clients throughout every part of the process.


At a young age as he found his niche selling consumer goods online and within the Fox Valley. By doing so, Alex learned valuable skills related to customer service, communication, and finances. Wanting to apply his skills to college, Alex studied finance and analytics at the University of Iowa. While in college Alex took classes pertaining to real estate, where then, all his passions and interests intersected. “After my first real estate course in school I realized I can combine everything I love into one career. Real estate to me is a wide combination of customer service, communication and analytics, and that’s why I love it!”. Alex has over nine years of sales and customer service experience, with four years and numerous college courses focused on finance and real estate.


In his off time, Alex prefers anything and everything sports related. “If I’m not on a golf course then I’m probably on a basketball court somewhere”. Whether it is playing or watching sports that’s mainly Alex’s life outside of work. Some hobbies include, going to concerts, cooking homemade meals and analyzing stock and crypto markets when he has the time.