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The Kohler Group: Move-Out Checklist. We strive to exceed your expectations. Give us a call… 630-587-4700 We are ready to assist! Our goal is always to provide the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Coldwell Banker Realty


  • Make sure your attorney has all receipts for any post-inspection repair work.
  • Interview moving companies. Feel free to ask The Kohler Group for referrals.
  • Call utility companies and tell them to remove you from the account effective the day of closing at 5 PM. Utilities should be left on and not turned off unless special arrangements are made. Utilities must be on for the walkthrough. Please inform your attorney and your agent if you are winterizing the home and/or turning off any utilities.
  • We also recommend that you call and set up utilities for your new home in advance.
  • Check with the city and make sure you don’t have any open permits on your home.
  • Check with your insurance professional and confirm that you have insurance to cover any damaged or lost property during the move.

Moving Out

  • All appliances and fixtures to be included in the sale must be fully operational.
  • The home needs to be cleaned prior to the final walkthrough.
  • All trash must be cleared from the property prior to the final walkthrough and this includes additional areas such as: the garage, basement, storage areas, shed, etc.
  • All personal property that is not to be left with the home per the contract needs to be removed prior to the final walkthrough.
    ○ Check drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. and make sure they are all empty!
  • Let The Kohler Group know of any paint or extra materials you may think would be helpful to leave behind as we will need to get you written permission from the buyer for those items to stay.
  • Please remove any nails and brackets from the walls. Only large holes will need to be patched and painted.
  • Please leave any owners manuals, warranty information, etc. on the kitchen counter.
  • Spare keys and garage door openers should be left on the kitchen counter.
  • A main key should be given to your attorney prior to closing.
  • The expectation is for the home to be vacant and walkthrough ready at least one hour before the time of closing.


As always, we strive to deliver you the best experience in real estate. We realize the move can be a busy time. Please let us know what we can do to make it run smoothly for you!