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The Kohler Group: How to Prepare for your Property's Photography. We strive to exceed your expectations. Give us a call… 630-587-4700 We are ready to assist! Our goal is always to provide the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Coldwell Banker Realty

The Kohler Group wants to ensure that your property is photography ready prior to the appointment! Your property’s first impression are the photos, and we want to make sure your property shines against others!


A few tips and tricks to ensure your property looks its best:


  • Kitchen
    ○ Remove all dish towels.
    ○ Declutter countertops from all unnecessary items (napkins, paper towels, toaster, coffee makers, etc.)
    ○ Fruit bowls are okay if they look full and purposeful!
    ○ Remove viable trash cans/ recycle bins.

  • Bathrooms
    ○ Remove everything from vanity.
    ○ Remove bath rugs.
    ○ Ensure no shampoo bottles, soaps, etc. are visible.
    ○ Clean mirror to be streak free.

  • Living Room
    ○ Fluff pillows and arrange them with purpose.
    ○ Remove all remotes from sight.

  • Bedrooms
    ○ Ensure all beds are made.
    ○ Carpet looks GREAT vacuumed!
    ○ Put all personal belongings out of sight.


Please turn on all lights in the property, even in daylight, this helps the property show even better. Please turn off all moving fans, as these will appear blurry in photos. In most cases, the photographer will want the blinds/ curtains open for more natural light!

The Kohler Group values your time and wants to ensure that your properties photos go seamlessly and are completed in a timely manner. These tips and tricks will help us ensure that seamless experience!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to The Kohler Group and we can help guide you!