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The Kohler Group: How to Prepare for Showings. We strive to exceed your expectations. Give us a call… 630-587-4700 We are ready to assist! Our goal is always to provide the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Coldwell Banker Realty
  • Make sure the home is clean, organized, and well maintained. We want buyers to be able to see the key features of your home without being distracted. A clean home shows that the home is well cared for.

    ○ Countertops should have only the absolute essentials.
    ○ Organizing closets will make them seem bigger.
    ○ Floors should be cleaned and vacuumed.
    ○ The home should have a pleasing fragrance.
    ○ Bathrooms should be especially clean.
    ○ Make sure all light bulbs are working.
    ○ Landscaping should be well maintained & grass should be freshly mowed.
    ○ The pathway to your front door should be clear of branches & other obstacles.

  • Depersonalize the home as much as possible. The goal is for buyers to be able to visualize themselves in your home.

    ○ Minimize family photos and personalized artwork.
    ○ It is recommended that all paint and carpeting be neutral colors.
    ○ If possible, remove any wallpaper.

  • Preparing for showings:

    ○ All animals should be gone (or in crates, if necessary). Buyers become very distracted by animals. Some buyers may be allergic.
    ○ All lights should be on.
    ○ Ceiling fans should be set to low.
    ○ We recommend buying fresh towels and soap to put out for showings to give your bathrooms a spa-like feel.
    ○ Leave all marketing materials in the dining room, kitchen, or entryway table.
    ○ Pots filled with seasonal plants on the doorstep make a great first impression.
    ○ Sellers should leave during showings to give the buyers an opportunity to discuss the home freely with their agent.


Please note that agents will leave the home as they find it (Lights on, etc.)
The Kohler Group at Coldwell Banker offers a Revitalize Program… Ask us how we can assist!
We can also provide you with trusted vendors for helping prepare a home for showings...including stylists, painters, etc.