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What is the process for feedback gathering and delivery?

The Kohler Group will work to obtain and deliver feedback to you the next business day.

Once the showing has occurred, we follow up with the showing agent through email, text and a phone call to obtain the feedback. We ask specific questions to learn if the buyer is interested and how we can assist in obtaining an offer on your property. 

If the buyer is not interested, we will find out why. We always deliver the feedback to you in a an unfiltered manner as we want you to hear exactly what the buyer is thinking about your home. We will also work to overcome their objections so that the buyer will refocus on the home.


We keep detailed notes on all of your feedback so that we can determine, with you, if any changes are necessary.

There are circumstances where agents just do not respond. We apologize in advance that some agents just will not give feedback. However, we do our best to obtain it as we know you work hard to prepare for the showing and this feedback is ultimately important to you for making decisions on the sale of your property.


Thank you for your trust in our team. We will be working hard to obtain top dollar for you in the
shortest amount of time. Our goal is to always provide you with the best experience in real estate.